How much does an AdWords campaign cost?

Although it is a legitimate question, the answer is not so simple because, in principle, there is no standard cost for Google Adwords campaigns. In fact, the costs for such a campaign differ depending on the domain and account, and it is directly proportional to the strategy approached.

What is SEO?

SEO is responsible for the proper indexing of a site by search engines in order to increase its qualitative traffic. This relatively new domain involves a set of operations that organically increase the visibility of a site and its access to higher positions on the results page.

Everything about Facebook ads

Taking into account these suggestions, you will be able to create ads that sell, regardless of where they appear on Facebook, whether they are displayed in the news feed (Newsfeed), on desktop or mobile, or in the right column of the screen.

3 essential aspects in setting up a Facebook Ads campaign

Here’s what to pay special attention to when setting up a Facebook Ads campaign!
Going over the basics (setting up an account, goals, etc.), the article below focuses on some of the elements that make the difference between a company with satisfactory results and a successful one.

What is content marketing?

As consumers become more demanding and better informed, a new form of marketing begins to gain more and more ground in front of traditional advertising methods. It’s about content marketing. In this article we will briefly explain what it is and how it works.